CCR Healthcare Solutions

CC&R Healthcare Solutions is a privately owned Boston based company dedicated to developing and implementing workable staffing alternatives in the healthcare industry related to nursing and unlicensed personnel. CC&R is primarily interested in providing services to states and employer groups that are looking to expand the work of unlicensed staff in the areas of medication administration.

For highly regulated states with a desire for centralized training and testing systems, CC&R's products and services provide easy, customer-based solutions on a full-service or consultant basis. For states that are less regulated and provide more decentralized options for medication administration, CC&R can provide that necessary degree of standardization, through common text and support services required to ensure quality.

A message from the Authors

As nurses, our mission is to create a medication administration training program that incorporates principles and practices that ensures that our most vulnerable populations receive medications in an error free manner. We believe, we have successfully achieved this with our Administering Medications the Right Way: Print and Online Learning Programs. Please feel free to contact us for additional information about the services we provide or for support.
We look forward to making medication errors a thing of the past!

Kathy Masucci and Peggy Casey-Mederios