Innovative tools for trainers and providers training personnel in medication administration

CC&R Healthcare Solutions
provides innovative
training tools for trainers
and providers training
unlicensed healthcare
personnel in medication administration

  • Now Available! Watch and download our printable Administering an Intramuscular Injection Video and Brochure!
    This is made available for people administering the Covid-19 Vaccine.

  • CC&R Healthcare Solutions focuses on medication administration training tools, including:

    • An assessment of current training programs
    • Custom content development
    • Online and in-person training for teaching staff

  • CC&R Healthcare Solutions is committed to improving the quality of care for people needing assistance with medication administration. This program is designed to provide unlicensed healthcare personnel with an effective, easy to use training solution. It is targeted to assist:

    • Nurse Educators
    • Companies
    • State Agencies
    • Job Training Sites
    • Or Individual Health Care Providers

  • Our Administering Medications the Right Way Online and Print Training Program provides a foundation to assure that everyone is receiving medications in a safe manner.

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  • Test your skills with our Medication Administration Challenge!