New: Online delivery of Administering Medications the Right Way

CC&R now offers a Blended Online Learning model using its Administering Medication the Right Way core student content. This offering assists nurse educators, companies, state agencies, job training sites and individuals a cost effective easy to use model for training.

For the professional trainer: CC&R has developed a trainer guide. This comprehensive guide accompanies the Online Learning program. This guide provides all the tools needed to conduct a skills lab and validate student’s knowledge.


Student Manual Version 6.1.0

This newly updated version of the Administering Medication the Right Way is a comprehensive program with 13 modules that teaches students to safely administer medications.

The program is:

  • Divided into three sections, the Foundation, the Administration and the Management
  • Based on 3 Principles, Mindfulness, Communication and Maximizing Capabilities
  • Taught that all skills have 3 Parts, Preparing, Administering and Completing
  • Based on knowledge of 3 key Documents, the Healthcare Provider Order, Pharmacy Label and Medication Administration Record validated by 3 Crosschecks prior to administration
The materials are easy to read and full of exercises to validate knowledge and assist in critical thinking.

Trainer Manual Version 6.2.0

A uniquely designed trainer manual is available for nurse trainers. Each trainer manual provides comprehensive lesson plans surrounding a snap shot of the student manual. The new Version 6.2.0 is "one stop shopping" meaning there is no need for trainers to use any other training materials. The trainer manual now has:

  • Icons to make it easy for trainers to plan activities.
  • More educational elements to support the learner with lower literacy and ESL
  • Updated appendices with new Health Care Provider Orders, Pharmacy labels, Medication Administration Records and Controlled Substance Count Sheets and much more.

Advanced Skills
Three comprehensive advanced skills, Epinephrine Administration, Administering Medications Through Gastrostomy/Jejunostomy Tube and Diabetes Management Student and Trainer Manuals are available. Each designed with similar elements as Administering Medication the Right Way Student and Trainer Manuals.

Support Materials Available Include:

  • PowerPoint Presentation Slides
  • Study Guide and Pocket Reference
  • Poster Set
  • Consumer Guide


Start-up Consultation

For the state or employer group that is working to establish a medication administration program, CC&R provides expertise in the following areas – policy development, provider relations, and training system development. CC&R’s strengths is the ability to develop and implement customized training systems to meet the customer’s needs.  For the state or employer group wishing to establish a standardized medication administration training system. CC&R Healthcare Solutions will:

  • Conduct an initial assessment and evaluation of the current system
  • Make recommendation for improvements
  • Create a written plan and
  • Implement the accepted plan

For the state and/or employer group that already has an established training system that may be lacking a standard delivery of content, CC&R offers services to expand or customize all training materials and train RN staff to meet any state requirement and/or budget need.

CC&R staff are uniquely qualified in both curriculum development and training staff. For over 35 years staff have been developing training materials for unlicensed assistive personnel and designing trainer materials to accompany the manuals. The staff have implemented local, state, and national training programs for nurse assistants, home health aides, and medication aides.

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