CC&R Healthcare Solutions is pleased to announce that the highly successful "Administering Medications The Right Way" is now available in an E-Learning format.

Administering Medications The Right Way E-Learning uses a blended learning concept that provides students the ability to learn the content at their own pace in a distraction free environment; and prepares them to participate in a structured skills lab with a nurse trainer. This blended learning model prepares students to safely administer medications and to confidently take a state competency evaluation.


Are you looking for a self-paced, easy to use, and convenient online program that will help you learn the information needed to administer medications?

  • Using state of the art technology, you can learn to administer medications at your own pace in the convenience of your own home.
  • Practice at home and be prepared for your skills demonstration with your nurse trainer.
  • Feel comfortable and confident in your knowledge of administering medications.
  • Present your certificates of completion to your employer or potential employer.
Included in the above model will be the option to purchase the accompanying Administering Medication the Right Way” student manual
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Are you looking to diversify your lesson plans and enhance/supplement your student’s education? Do you need more time to ensure student’s skills competency? Is on-site oversight needed and finding the time an issue?

Blending the content philosophy of “Administering Medication The Right Way” version 6.1.0 in an online delivery coupled with your structured skills lab may be your answer. 

How it works:
Students will take each module online and come prepared for your structured skills lab and final exam. We will provide you with the capability of tracking students progress every step of the way. 

To place your order: email or call us at (855) 263-6050.


As a company, are you looking for:

  • An alternative education delivery with proven model of results.
  • Continuity in the information being taught.
  • Re-engineering your nurse educator roles to focus on skills competency.
  • Flexibility in scheduling staff education.
  • A standard measurement of student’s baseline knowledge.
A blended model of an E-Learning program coupled with a structured skills lab is the answer. This model will allow you to utilize staff time in the most efficient way.  Students will be free to learn the information on their own time in their own space. Once the student successfully completes the 13 modules they will be ready to demonstrate their knowledge in a structured skills lab provided by the nurse educator. Each student will demonstrate the knowledge and skills of medication administration.

The benefits of this model are:
Frees staff from the burden of lengthy lectures
Provides Nurse Educator more time to spend on skills
Allows RN staff to provide more oversight of medication administration
Allows a student to learn at his or her own pace
Saves time and money

Tracking system in place for all trained staff
Standard of measurement (the same information taught) to all staff
Creating baseline to measure quality

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As a state agency, are you looking for:

  • An alternative delivery of education.
  • Standardize program content.
  • Standard measurement of student’s baseline knowledge.
  • A well-defined model of successful completion.
CC&R will offer custom modules to meet a state’s requirements. The delivery system of information would be left to the state with offering of both on-line and print copies of the materials. 

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If you are a Job training site looking to expand job training into the field of direct support staff servicing the developmentally disabled and the elderly.

A blended model of an E-Learning program coupled with a structured skills lab is the answer.

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