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CC&R Healthcare Solutions' core business focuses on medication administration training systems. Systems include assessment, custom content development, training, testing, registration and data tracking.

Start-up Consultation and Implementation Services - For the state or employer group that is working to establish a medication administration program in their state or industry, CC&R provides expertise in the following areas – regulation development, presentation, managing state/ industry/ provider relations and training system development.

Training – One of CC&R’s strengths is the ability to develop and implement customized training systems to meet the customer’s needs. These include:

• Full Service Training – CC&R will provide regular and convenient training at multiple sites. Training may take place at CC&R’s own regional training sites, or at employer/provider sites. CC&R will coordinate all scheduling, registration, training and maintaining records of course completion. The training is based on CC&R’s basic modular curriculum that can be expanded or customized to meet any state requirement.

• Establishing a State/Employer Group Managed Training System – For the state or employer group that wants to employ its own trainers – but needs to establish and ensure that it has a standardized quality instructor training system – CC&R has the answer. CC&R Healthcare Solutions will conduct initial assessment and evaluation. We will then provide administrator training and work directly with the managers of the program in setting up the system. CC&R will then conduct the necessary instructor trainer sessions. The training will be based on the CC&R Healthcare Solutions modular text, which can be expanded or customized to meet any state requirement.

• Training Texts – For the state and/or employer group that may already have its own instructor training, quality control, tracking and testing systems, but is looking for an up-to-date and state-of-the-curriculum that effectively trains entry level unlicensed personnel – CC&R Healthcare Solutions provides Administering Medications the Right Way, a complete modular text. CC&R offers services to expand or customize the text to meet any state requirement and/or budget needs. The text cover can also be customized to reflect the specific state and/or employer group. Instructor guides are also available.

Competency Testing – For the state or employer group that wants to ensure quality standards post-training, CC&R Healthcare Solutions provides a complete, up-to-date and state-of-the-art competency test and testing service. The certification exam is a combination of a 90-minute multiple-choice test and a 30-minute skill test. The re-certification option provides a 30-minute re-test on an annual basis. The test corresponds to training requirements, and the exam can be customized to meet any state requirement.

Quality Assurance and Data Tracking – Understanding the importance of assessing data to reduce medical occurrences, CC&R Healthcare Solutions provides internet-based solutions for tracking and analysis of trained and/or tested personnel, medical occurrences and other quality related data. CC&R will work with the state or employer group to develop, implement and manage a system that meets their specific needs.

Support to States and Employer Groups

For high-regulated states with a desire for centralized training and testing systems, CC&R’s products and services should provide easy, customer-based solutions on either a full-service or a consultant basis. For states that are less regulated and provide more decentralized options for medication administration, CC&R can still provide that necessary degree of standardization, through common text and support services required, to ensure quality.



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