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Need help managing your medications?

Our Registered Nurse will come to your home or office to help you understand how to identify that you are receiving the “right medication” and taking the “right amount” at the “right time” through the “right route”. You will receive assistance in completing your “Medication Checklist” so that you will have a comprehensive list of your medications. Your Medication Checklist is an important tool for communicating with your various healthcare providers. You should keep a copy at home and a copy with you.

It’s time to TAKE CHARGE of your health care! Let ZIPNURSE help. *

*Available in selected areas. Please call 877-539-0109 for more information.


Consumer Guide
Medication Checklist
Consumers may find this guide at their Pharmacy or Health Care Provider’s office. Full of important information that will help ensure your safety when taking prescribed medications.
$3.95 each - Call for bulk pricing.
  Use this checklist when you visit your health care provider and again later when you pick up your medications from the pharmacy. Your doctor, nurse, or family member can help you complete this list.
$9.95 for 10 - Call for bulk pricing.



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