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Massachusetts Healthcare Firm Expands New Training Standards For Administering Medications

RN-Turned-Author Expands Publication of Companion Training Manuals

Boston, MA
CC&R Healthcare Solutions announced today the expanded release of “Administering Medications The Right Way” (CC&R Press) a companion set of Student/Trainer’s Manuals dealing with principles and practices for safe administration of medications.

The two Manuals, already in early-stage implementation by the Massachusetts Departments of Mental Health and Mental Retardation (, usher in a new era of standardization incorporating state-of-the art principles that support training methodologies for both professionals and non-certified staff.

The Manuals are also currently in use by the American Red Cross of Massachusetts Bay in their community education programs (


Student Manual
The Student Manual version of “Administering Medications The Right Way” contains 200 pages of training, instruction and reference, in a “Manual/Workbook” format. Retailing for $24.95, the Manual’s four sections, eight modules, and review exercises enable professionals, students and lay people to learn how to administer medications in a mindful, error-free manner. The manual serves as a guide during training and a useful reference for post-training administration of medications, containing many examples, exercises, stories, and questions designed to help the student learn how to administer medications safely and accurately.
The Student Manual’s Sections include:
  • Section 1: Basics of Medication Administration
  • Section 2: Techniques of Medication Administration
  • Section 3: Management of Medication Administration
  • Section 4: Reference Information for Medication Administration

See some early responses from students and employers!

Companion Trainer’s Manual
In addition to the Student Manual, a companion Trainer’s Manual contains a complete scaled-down facsimile of the Student Manual, with objectives and instructions for trainers in the margins surrounding the student text. All tools needed for student exercises, practice and testing are provided in the Appendices of the Trainer’s Manual.

First in the Field and Customize-able
Casey-Mederios noted that the Manual is the first of its kind.
“To the best of our knowledge, we are the first and only program already working in state agencies with tested and proven results. Moreover, we offer to customize training materials to incorporate a specific state’s policies, procedures and terminology. A state may also design their test from a master list of knowledge questions and skills labs, or choose from pre-designed tests.”

Casey-Mederios points out that the Manual and training program offer more than “informative reading and quick reference." 
“We offer a certificate upon successful completion of the course and the knowledge and skills testing.”

Casey-Mederios “Bottom Line”:
“Administering Medications The Right Way is one step in the direction of creating assurances that the frailest population in the country, our mentally retarded, our mentally ill and elderly are receiving medications in a safe manner. My goal, hope and vision with this Manual are to make a difference in that arena-- to do quality training and to assure that people are safe.”



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