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Administering Medications the Right Way State Providers All Others

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Administering Medications The Right Way
Student Manual

Version 6.1.0

This manual incorporates state-of-the-art principles that support training for both professionals and non-licensed staff. The goal of the training is to administer medications in a mindful, error-free manner. The book covers special situations, obtaining medications, and the documentation, recording, and storage of medications as well as administering medications. The manual primarily focuses on the administration of oral medications with all other routes included in the manual.
Spiral binder
$ 89.95 each for purchase of one manual
$ 69.95 each for 2-5 manuals
$ 49.95 each for 5 or more manuals

Administering Medications The Right Way
Trainer Manual

Version 6.2.0

The Trainer Manual reproduces pages from the student manual and gives helpful hints and teaching techniques in the margins. The appendices include all the tools a trainer needs for student practice and testing, including a final exam with answer key, and course outlines for teaching within various time schedules. The appendices are three-hole punched and packaged separately so that they may be photocopied as needed.
Three ring binder
Includes Appendix, separately wrapped and three-hole punched
$ 199.95

Epinephrine Pre-Filled Auto-Injection Administration
Student Edition
This 15 page manual covers key information about allergies and the response to an anaphylactic reaction including step by step procedure from administering a Epinephrine Pre-Filled Auto Injection. It includes causes of allergies along with prevention tips and so much more.


Administering Medications Through A Gastrostomy/Jejunostomy Tube
This 20 page manual reviews the Gastrointestinal System along with reasons a person may need enteral nutrition. It covers step by step the procedure for administering medications through a gastrostomy/jejunostomy tube. It includes precautions to watch for and guidelines to follow when administering medications.


Diabetes and Insulin Administration
This 40 page manual covers in detail information about Diabetes. It includes information about our "Circle of Tight Control" and how key factors influence how Diabetes is managed. It includes the step by step procedure for blood glucose testing and administering an insulin injection. Each factor that influences blood glucose levels are covered in detail to assist the person with Diabetes.


Accompanying each of the above Student Edition manuals is our comprehensive Trainer Edition which includes all of the Student Edition content along with a lesson plan suggestion and comprehensive tools for conducting skills lab and check-off and final exam

$49.95 - Epinephrine Pre-Filled Auto-Injection Administration Trainer Edition  
$69.95 - Administering Medications Through A Gastrostomy/Jejunostomy Tube Trainer Edition
$89.95 - Diabetes and Insulin Administration Trainer Edition  

Administering Medications The Right Way PowerPoint Slides
Contained on this thumbdrive are all the PowerPoint slides for the trainer to use during the training.
$ 20.95

Administering Medications The Right Way
Study Guide and Pocket Reference

This pocket sized book is an invaluable tool that will:
  • Validate the knowledge gained in the training program
  • Prepare staff for competency evaluation testing
  • Prepare staff for re-certification
Pocket sized - 4 ¼" x 7"
56 pages, spiral binder

Administering Medications The Right Way
"Other Routes" CD

The Other Routes video is the perfect tool for the trainer who would like to add the components of other routes in their training class. In addition to a review of oral medication administration, this video provides an overview of other common routes for delivery of medication. It closely follows the Other Routes of Medication Administration in Section 4 of the Student Manual, Prepare, Administer & Complete


Approximately 30 minutes.

Poster Set
Prepare, Administer & Complete

10 posters for $ 9.95  

Consumer Guide
This pamphlet is full of important information needed to ensure a consumerís safety when taking prescribed medications.

$3.95 each - Call for bulk pricing  

Medication Checklist
This checklist is helpful when visiting a health care provider and again later when picking up medications from the pharmacy. Having a complete list of medications at all times helps everyone involved in prescribing or administering medications know what is being taken. This checklist helps to prevent adverse medication interactions.

$9.95 for 10 - Call for bulk pricing  



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