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About CC&R Healthcare Solutions

CC&R Healthcare Solutions is a privately-owned Boston area company dedicated to developing and implementing workable staffing alternatives in the health care industry related to nursing and unlicensed personnel. CC&R is primarily interested in providing services to states and employer groups that are looking to expand the work of unlicensed staff in the areas of medication administration and other repetitive nursing tasks.

For high-regulated states with a desire for centralized training and testing systems, CC&R’s products and services should provide easy, customer-based solutions on either a full-service or a consultant basis. For states that are less regulated and provide more decentralized options for medication administration, CC&R can still provide that necessary degree of standardization, through common text and support services required to ensure quality.

Margaret (“Peggy”) Casey-Mederios, Founder and President of CC&R Healthcare Solutions, is the book’s author. A registered nurse for more than twenty years, Casey-Mederios has written numerous training manuals and books for nurses, nurse assistants, and home health aides since 1983. When asked what originally motivated her to write "Administering Medications The Right Way”, Casey-Mederios responded:

“As the healthcare financial crisis deepens and the nursing shortage becomes more critical, the need to reengineer what nurses are doing becomes more evident. There is an increasing need to look at repetitive tasks – those tasks, which with proper training, can be shifted from licensed nurses to direct care staff. One of the areas identified as repetitive is “medication administration”, and there is a growing movement to have direct care staff responsible for certain medication administration tasks. Therefore, there is now a great and growing need for proper training and certification in this area.”


Author Margaret ("Peggy") Casey-Mederios



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